Why I’m giving Up on Apple iTunes

I spend a lot of money on Apple products: phones, laptops, mac minis, ipads. And I spend a lot of money on media to power them.  In all it comes to £1000s a year.  However the last 12 months of my music enjoyment has been ruined by silly bugs in iTunes on the iPhone.

Duplicates of tracks have started to appear, hundreds of them.  Across all my music collection.  Sometimes each track in an album can be duplicated three or four times.

If you check the help forums this is a problem a lot of people have but it obviously has never been addresses.  The advice seems to be to delete each individual duplicate track – but that takes forever.  But sifting through these “help forums” is

And if you delete the entire album so you can download a clean new copy you run the risk of that album no longer being available on iTunes.  Its happened to me countless times.

And can you phone a helpline to get advice on how to deal with it?  Can you hell.

This was never a problem with physical media.